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10 reasons to Finance your Businesses’ Home and Health Care Equipment through HCEF


  • Industry experts for over 25 years.
  • Financing for all equipment INCLUDING INVENTORY, new and used.
  • Equipment cost from $5,000 to $1MM
  • Easy online approvals up to $250,000. “Esignature” documents.
  • $0 down, $0 advances, 90 day deferral plans.
  • Programs for all types of credits, including start ups.
  • Working Capital for short term cash flow needs.
  • SBA loans up to $10MM.
  • Section 179 write offs provide tax benefits.
  • Customized vendor programs.


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Here are some of our recent funding examples:

DME Inventory: $68,000 Long term customer who has financed over $2MM of inventory equipment with us over 10 years.

Ventilator Equipment: $95,000 One of the most popular pieces of equipment that HCEF finances!



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