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Benefits of Financing

Why Finance your Equipment?
Cash Flow. Cash Flow. Cash Flow.

The team of financial specialist at Health Care Equipment Funding, a division of Diversified Capital Credit, is committed to the equipment funding needs for the Home and Health Care Industries.

 Our specialists have over 25 years of experience and will walk you through the process so it is not painful or time consuming.

  • Less Initial Expense & Investment: Avoid writing an upfront check for the full equipment cost.
  • Speed-Speed-Speed! Our fast credit decisions and easy documentation allow orders to process and ship quickly.
  • Alternative Capital Option: Health Care Equipment Funding provides an additional source of capital so businesses don’t have to drain cash revenues or credit lines.
  • 100% Financing: Financing allows the inclusion of soft costs such as training, installation, and freight.
  • Greater Flexibility: Unique structuring flexibility by offering longer terms, differing purchase options, and custom payment plans such as no payments for 90 days.
  • Tax Benefits: Monthly payment may be tax deductible. Discuss with your tax preparer/advisor.
  • No Blanket Liens: Bank loans often require blanket liens on the business and owner personally. Not true with our financing programs.
  • Fixed Payments: Bank loans may have variable rates. With Health Care Equipment Funding, monthly payments are fixed for the term, allowing for more accurate budgeting of cash flow, regardless of interest rate fluctuations.
  • Equipment Pays for Itself: Financing allows customers to match the cost of the equipment with the revenue it generates or the expenses it saves.
  • Avoid Obsolescence: Health Care Equipment Funding financing plans enable upgrades and equipment add-ons quickly and easily.


“For almost 20 years Health Care Equipment funding has been an important source of funding for our business. When we are awarded contracts that require us to order equipment, they are one of the first calls we make to assure we have financing in place for it.  The success of our company is in part due to the strong relationship we have with them.”

Steve Dietz, President, South Florida Medical