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To take advantage of lawmakers returning to their home districts during the Congressional recess, the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART) has designated Aug. 19-23 as National CRT Awareness Week.

“Having them close to home presents our stakeholder community with a great chance to boost support and awareness of how important complex rehab technology is and why passage of our legislation is needed,” said NCART Executive Director Don Clayback.

The industry has various CRT bills in play, including H.R. 2328, which just received approval from the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

NCART reports it is collaborating with other CRT advocates to broadcast the importance of CRT via webinars, town hall meetings, in-services, and videos. It is coordinating lawmaker site visits for providers, updating our advocacy materials, and helping stakeholders schedule meetings in their lawmakers’ district offices.

“We are making progress with our legislation, but more support is needed, and this is a key time for CRT advocates to be taking action,” Clayback stated. “Once your members return to the Capitol in September they’ll be discussing and voting on important legislation, and we want our CRT bills to be included.”